SHODO Japanese calligraphy SHODO Japanese calligraphy SHODO Japanese calligraphy SHODO Japanese calligraphy


Japanese calligraphy


SHODO is a Japanese word which is often translated and described as
“the way of  writing” and written with 2 Kanji characters.

SHO 書 :  to write
DO 道 : the path, the way, the TAO

SHODO is one of the most beautiful fine arts of Japan. By using brush and ink the beauty of words/ideas is expressed. It is not only a creative and artistic, but also a mindful and meditative mental activity.

Nohoh 乃鳳

Japanese calligrapher


Hi, I am Nohoh 乃鳳, a Japanese calligrapher and instructor. I was born and raised in Japan but I have lived in Europe for about 15 years. Through my experience I have developed the method of teaching SHODO to people who don’t have any knowledge of Japanese Language.

SHODO is so beautiful and it fascinates me everyday. Because through SHODO I can be not only creative but also relaxed. I can forget daily trivial things and forget worrying. I can be aware of this moment and aware of myself. I can get energy and beautiful ideas…

I hope that many people enjoy SHODO with me.

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